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producing a bad product is lame...

we're not too uptight

we're probably some of the easiest people to work with

...just right!

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Digital marketing success isn’t achieved just one way.

You can skin a proverbial digital marketing cat many ways.

Consumers are turning to their various digital devices to help them make better decisions with their purchasing power every minute of every day. We know what it takes to connect your brand with your target audience using the right message at the right time, no matter where they are online. Who do you trust to help you stand out when consumers have the whole world in the palm of their hand? Our clients reach more customers than ever before with our team, technology and digital strategies.



Turning heads and getting results for global, regional and local clientele for over 30 years is what we do.

It doesn’t hurt that we have won a few awards along the way.

Capable: Advantage Advertising is an Idaho based, full time, full service agency. Partnering with us will bring the most experience in the region, more than 30 years, to your project.

Creative: Our creative work has been seen and heard in rural communities and metropolitan areas alike across the country, as well as featured on national venues like CBS Sunday Morning and VH-1 Behind the Music, and in the halls of the Congress and even the White House Oval Office.

Clever: It all starts with our people. We’ve been able to attract the best creative and talented young artists in the business. We give them the tools, support, and most important, the freedom to soar above the ordinary.

Captivating: Long known for creating advertising and positioning campaigns that are among the most memorable and effective, we’ve handled local and national work for clients ranging from universities to high tech manufacturing and natural resources, among others.