This is Damian.

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Damian is a 9 year old Club member from Whitman elementary. When he first started attending the Club at age 5 he was one that stood out for all the wrong reasons. Damian lives with mom and younger brother, and mom moved jobs and their home often. 

Early in his attendance, Damian had trouble keeping his hands to himself and would get violent with people and equipment when he got angry. We understood why when his mom came to pick him up one day and she had a huge black eye. Damian didn’t want to communicate with the staff when he had a problem, he wouldn’t listen to them when they tried to talk to him, and he resisted any sort of relationship that people tried to build with him. 

It was evident that Damian didn’t have positive relationships in his life, so he not only had no clue how to communicate with others, but he didn’t know how to trust either. Damian also has some learning disabilities so on top of his behavior problems there was also a large deficit in his verbal communication skills, which would often frustrate him as well.

Other members were unsure of him as he seemed to be the one that didn’t follow direction and had a short fuse. This caused Damian to be the kid who didn’t easily make friends, and would often get very upset and cause problems instead. As time went on, the staff continued to put him at the top of their lists as one of our kids who needed us most. Myself, Largent, and Jessie met regularly to decide how to communicate with him and guide and discipline him best, especially since we knew when Damian leaves the Club every day his life is quite different than the environment that we were providing him. Consistency was the ultimate key for Damian. 

Between teamwork and lots of invested time, Damian has begun to trust the staff and knows they will never give up on him. Damian has now been at the Club for over three years and is especially close with those staff who have been here encouraging him from the start. Characteristics that were not thought possible of Damian unveiled. He has been heavily involved in the Gamesroom and is a shining example of great behavior and he loves to be around others. Last week, Damian was chosen to be the Youth of the Month for the Gamesroom. No one quite understood what a big deal it was going to be for him. I walked into the end of assembly to say goodbye to everyone and Damian jumped up out of the back of his age group line (when everyone else was sitting quietly to be released), ran up to me and told me about his award (he thought it was Youth of the Year ). I lifted my hand up to give him a high five, and he latched on to me and gave me a giant hug. It’s kids like Damian that show us exactly how important our jobs are and makes the stressful times worth it!

"He’s become a member who loves being at The Club more than any place in the world."

Staci Baldwin

Lewiston School Board Member

This is Alainah.

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Alainah is a nine-year-old girl who attends the Club before school and after school every day. Within the last couple months, her parents have gotten a divorce and Dad moved away. It has been hard for her from going to all of her family in one house to just living with her Mom. Since Mom is now a single mother, she is working a lot to provide for herself and Alainah.

Alainah lights up any room she is in. She cares about the Club, and our staff and is so appreciative of her. When she gets the opportunity to help out around the Club, she is the one thanking us for giving her the opportunity to help. She wants to be a part of everything we do at the Club, she looks forward to when she is in fourth grade just so she can participate in Positive Action.

I will never forget the day that Alainah was upset, sharing that she just missed home, being with her whole family, and what things used to be like for her. By the end of our conversation, she was sharing that the Club is her second home. She comes to spend time with her friends, to help around the Club, and be a positive influence to every member that steps in our doors.

Alainah’s mom tells us how grateful she is for the Club every single day. She is at ease knowing that Alainah gets to come to the Club every day and build relationships with staff because she doesn’t get that social piece at home. She’s also in a safe place, every day, so mom can focus on making ends meet for their family. The Club truly is Alainah’s “second home”, and we are grateful for parents and Club kids like her who truly appreciate us.

"The Club has become a second home to Alainah and her mom has the peace of mind she’s in a safe place."

Rick Wasem


Basalt Cellars Winery

This is Jessica.

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Joesi and Jessica Schumacher are sisters, the youngest two in a family with seven kids. Since their first day, they both jumped right in and took advantage of everything the Club had to offer, from Club programs, to staff relationships, to making new friends. They both instantly felt like they belonged here. When they started coming to the Club, neither of them wanted to attend. Their older sister Britany was a staff here and they did not want to come and hang out with her every day. Neither of them knew just how wrong they were. They LOVE it here.

These girls quickly made their presence known to us with their fun, outgoing personalities. Joesi joined the Power Hour Program and Fine Arts almost immediately and she has been outstanding in everything she participates in. Jessica chose to participate in the Youth of the Year Program. She has never been happier. 

Before attending the Club, Jessica struggled with depression and thoughts of suicide. After starting Junior High, her mom chose to get her involved in the Club to help her find a save, positive place to go. Jessica was being horribly bullied at school. It was a struggle to get out of bed most days. 

After becoming a member of the Boys and Girls Club, she made new friends, learned how to deal with peer pressure, and surrounded herself with positive role models who she looked up to. She built a better relationship with her little sister Joesi and her older sister Britany. She found that she had multiple mentors in the staff at and she started to change her attitude about life. After writing a speech for Youth of the Year, Jessica found herself, and she found her story. 

When she joined the Club she knew there would be nowhere to go but up from here. She knew she had people in her corner, fighting for her, and she knew that she could be the positive role model for her little sister that she has always wanted to be. To see how the attitudes of both girls have drastically changed since they started at the Club has been unreal. They found a home away from home, where they fit in, and know they are truly loved…and now they are sharing that story with others and making them feel the same way.

"…she found herself and her story at The Club"

Jeanette LaVance

Programs & Contributions Administrator

Vista Outdoor – Lewiston

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