This is Glenn.

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Glenn has been a club member for the past six years. He has grown up at The Club. He has found a place that accepts him for who he is and somewhere that he can call his second home. Glenn didn’t always have a steady home life, but he is now 15 years old and he is the most caring brother and son. 

When Glenn was very young, his mother and father were unable to care for him and his siblings any longer. That’s when Glenn and his siblings were put into foster care. They moved from house to house, family to family, city to city never staying in one place for too long. This lasted for over four years. After so much time had passed for this young family, a miracle happened. The man who raised Glenn’s father, was able to adopt Glenn along with three of his siblings. They call him Grandpa. Had it not been for him, Glenn and three of his siblings would have been split up in foster care. 

Glenn’s Grandpa, and now adopted father, enrolled the four kids in The Boys & Girls Club as soon as he was able to. Glenn has not stopped coming since. He loves the Club and everyone in it. Recently, Glenn became a Jr. Staff and helped Club Staff run activities for 5 and 6 year olds all summer long. 

This year, Glenn is participating in Youth of the Year, a Club program that recognizes members who show outstanding leadership and service, academic excellence and dedication to living a healthy lifestyle. Glenn is proud of how far he has come at The Club and he is ready and excited to start giving back to The Club by representing his clubhouse as a Youth of the Year.

"He loves The Club and everyone in it and recently became a junior staff member…"

Willie Deibel

Senior Lendor

Twin River Bank

This is Stephanie.

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Stephanie is the middle child, and only sister, of three Club members who currently attend the Lewiston Boys & Girls Club. Stephanie and her siblings have been attending the Club for nearly two years now and during that time we have had the pleasure of watching them grow into the amazing kids they are today. 

Despite enduring hardships early on in life, Stephanie and her siblings have been extremely resilient. Each and every day the three kids walk through our doors they bring joy into our Club. All having three very unique and different personalities, they each chose to involve themselves in a variety of different Club programs and activities. Their grandmother currently has guardianship of the kids and works very hard to support their family and provide the kids with the childhood they deserve. 

One of the first things their grandmother did when she received guardianship of Stephanie, Nicholas, and Manuel was sign them up at the Lewiston Boys & Girls Club, a choice that has made a lasting impact on the children, as well as helped their grandmother immensely.

"The Club has made a positive and lasting impact on Stephanie and her siblings.."

Samantha Skinner

Executive Director

Twin County United Way

This is Damian.

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Damian is an eleven-year-old Club Member who has been attending the Lewiston Boys & Girls Club since he was five years old. When Damian first started attending the Club he was enrolled in both our Kindergarten and After School Programs. Damian has always loved attending the Club, but has overcome many obstacles throughout the past six years. 

When Damian first started attending the Club he had a difficult time interacting with other Club members. Not only did Damian struggle with being physical, but he also has autism, which at times has made it more difficult for him to be successful at the Club. Through consistent guidance by Club staff and constant communication with his mother, Damian’s behavior at the Club has improved greatly throughout the years. No matter what challenges Damian has faced in his life the Club has always remained a consistent and safe place where he can come to learn and grow. 

Today Damian thrives at the Boys & Girls Club. Every time he walks through the Club doors he fills the building with joy and excitement. He is passionate about the Club and the programs we offer and takes pride in what it means to be a Club member. Damian recognizes the obstacles he has overcome throughout the years and uses those experiences to be a role model for those around him. 

Damian’s Club journey shows how the Club can help youth overcome any obstacles, and how great futures really do start here.

"He’s become a member who loves being at The Club more than any place in the world."

Staci Baldwin

Lewiston School Board Member

This is Alainah.

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Alainah is a nine-year-old girl who attends the Club after school every day. Not too long ago, her parents went through a divorce and she and her Mom moved away. It has been hard for Alainah to go from all of her family in one house to living with just her Mom. Since Mom is now a single parent, she works hard every day to provide for herself and Alainah.

Alainah lights up any room she is in. She cares about the Club, and the staff and they are all so appreciative of her. When she gets the opportunity to help out around the Club, she is the one thanking us for giving her the opportunity to help. She wants to be a part of everything we do at the Club.

One time, Alainah was upset, and she was sharing that she just missed home and being with her whole family the way things used to be. By the end of the conversation, she was sharing that the Club is her second home. She comes to spend time with her friends, to help around the Club, and be a positive influence to every member that steps in our doors.

Alainah’s mom tells us how grateful she is for the Club every single day. She is at ease knowing that Alainah gets to come to the Club every day and build relationships with staff because she doesn’t get that social piece at home. She’s also in a safe place, every day, so mom can focus on making ends meet for their family. The Club truly is Alainah’s “second home”, and we are grateful for parents and Club kids like her who truly appreciate us.

"The Club has become a second home to Alainah and her mom has the peace of mind she’s in a safe place."

Rick Wasem


Basalt Cellars Winery

This is Jessica.

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Jessica is a 15-year-old Lewiston High School student who currently attends the Lewiston Boys & Girls Club. Jessica is the second youngest child in a family of seven kids and first started attending the Club in the fall of 2018. When she first started attending the Club she was extremely hesitant about coming, but that hesitation quickly faded. 

Since her first day at the Club Jessica jumped right in and took advantage of everything the Club had to offer. She immediately got involved in all the Club ran programs, quickly built positive and lasting relationships with the staff, and wasted no time making new friends. 

Enrolling in the Boys & Girls Club has helped Jessica overcome many obstacles in her life. Becoming a member of the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Lewis Clark Valley has positively impacted Jessica’s life in countless ways. The Club has brought new friends into Jessica’s life, helped her learn effective ways to deal with peer pressure, and surrounded her with positive role models who she looks up to. 

Jessica’s fun and outgoing personality brightened up our Youth of the Year Program during the 2018-2019 school year and she went on to compete at the organizational competition. After writing a speech for Youth of the Year, Jessica found herself, and she found her story. When she joined the Club she knew there would be nowhere to go but up from here. She knew she had people in her corner, fighting for her, and she knew that she could be the positive role model for her little sister that she has always wanted to be. 

Since starting her Club journey Jessica has found a home away from home where she always fits in and knows she is truly loved. Jessica is now able to share her story with others and hope that she can positively impact others the same way that the Club has impacted her.

"…she found herself and her story at The Club"

Jeanette LaVance

Programs & Contributions Administrator

Vista Outdoor – Lewiston

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